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Where can we find magic and miracles?

“…..and what happens when we feel nurtured and nourished, creative and free?”

Is it me, is it thee, is it me or might it be a WE?

Emerging from a cosmic kitchen, grounded with savory flavors, scents and sounds streaming out all around, Movalogue 2023’s sonorous message is still reverberating across the globe.

The inspiring designs and sessions held over the 3 days sustain many seeds of deeper promises from the earth and from the sky and from our bodies and hearts and minds.

Thank you for showing up, celebrating and dancing with us…sharing your personal lights and grounded gifts, joining from a new collective light, creating new sounds and songs together. Honoring the ancients….

With great intention and deep purpose, the Latam team shared their embodied wisdom with innovative social arts and movement practices from their ancestors. Their lands have spoken and we have listened. Sacred play and powerful images and sounds have emerged…

Scribing Day 1, Margarita Reyes

Our theme, the Art and Heart of Daily Life, brought many creative applications of culinary artistry from across the globe. Participants gathered on most continents offering joyful movements, art and music, sharing ordinary pleasures from the heart.

Movalogue gratefully honors the Latam team that held and facilitated the online global sessions: the team includes Mary Ro Montejo and Margarita Reyes from Colombia, Ilse Gómez from Venezuela and Dominican Republic, Claudia Siles and Frida Luz Candia from Bolivia, Viviana Galdames from Chile, Nanne Lotzkat from Germany and Argentina, Sonia Laura Mora and Patricia Dellacha from Argentina, Daniela Ferraz and Aline Civinelli from Brazil. Special thanks to translators Andrea Fernandez (Argentina) and Gabriela Vergara (Brazil). Movalogue Firekeepers Andrea Nery and Geisa Paganini De Mio (Brazil), Patricia Scott (Argentina), Jennifer Cheng (Taiwan) and Lakshmi Naranyanan (India) helped support the space.

Global Online Space

In spite of the short notice, when invited to host the online Movalogue core program, the Latam team cultivated and stewarded divergent and emergent views and ideas. Their deep caring came from their rooted and expansive hearts and the cooking analogy emerged for the 2023 Movalogue motto. A savory sampling of creativity, soul and commitment allowed a new landing and locating, seeded from the south.

Scribing Day 2, Margarita Reyes

It seems we are now sending and receiving with more reciprocity; coming from all directions, participants have arrived and departed with a new and different sense of embodied awareness. Essential seeds were cultivated from the diverse and ancient South American harmonies, and Nature showered us with her grounded and illuminated gifts, re-engaging us all, shaping the emergent landscapes and social fields with rhythm, grace and ease. Hoorah!

Alanus, Germany

Sky Lake, NY, USA

The music of the collective Latam inspiration still streams through…we hear the ancestors speaking through you and we smile with delight!

Across continents, we feel and sense these new smells and tastes now! Miracle seeds! Water them well.

Scribing Day 3, Margarita Reyes

Now, as the seasons are changing and our hearts are ready for the continuing enchantment from simple yet conscious vibrations, we invite us all to take the time to stand and bow, with our whole bodies, hearts and minds hearts engaged and say THANK YOU thank you thank you…

Again, with a simple bow and a deep and vibrant smile our emerging social fields feel better connected and feel very well fed!

Scribing, Petra Borgman Durrie, Alanus, Germany

Scribing, Geisa Paganini De Mio from Brazil

Scribing, Denise Cunha Sobrinho from Skylake, NY

Thank you thank you thank you, we invite more and more intact solid social bodies to come and join us as we weave and sway, open, connected and present into this new day, co-creating, co-evolving as our only way.

with much love….

Movalogue Firekeepers

Post composed by Patricia Scott and Allie Middleton

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Dirk Bräuninger
Dirk Bräuninger
Nov 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a beautiful poetic remembrance like water ripples reflected from the shores.

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