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Movalogue 2020 - Call for Participation

After months of joyful co-creation the Movalogue 2020 program becomes more and more visible. Beside various local and online tracks there will be a Global Online program on 3 days in a row to jointly practice, connect and share. This central part of the program also offers 2 hours of Open Space to facilitate SPT sessions online.

Friday, August 28: Opening Session (Beginning)

  • 2 hours, 3-5 pm Central Europe Summer Time

  • coming together, sensing the field, see and be seen

Saturday, August 29: Global Open Space (Middle)

  • 3 hours, 2:30 - 5:30 pm CEST

  • all together (1 h)

    • coming together, joint stillness & embodiment

    • sensing into the possible Open Space sessions

  • open space (2 h)

    • with different offerings in parallel sessions

Sunday, August 30: Closing Session (Ending)

  • 2 hours, 3-5 pm CEST

  • creative ways of harvesting and celebrating together

The Open Space will allow SPT practitioners to invite Movalogue participants into dedicated online sessions. The sessions should be based on SPT practices, but might contain experimental elements as well. The Movalogue would be your playground to enhance your online facilitation practice and/or prototype new ideas.

In case you feel attracted to facilitate an online session during the Online Open Space please visit the Movalogue event page, download the program framework and offer your session via the "Offer Session" button. (Or simply register for the Movalogue online, Global Sessions in case you would prefer to just participate).

For further questions please contact

We are very much looking forward to co-create 3 days of "Go With What You Love" with you!


Dirk, Rita, Katherina, Dheera, Sebastian, Johanna

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