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Next Movalogue is crystallizing

Dear vibrant community of SPT practitioners,

August 27th, the starting day of the next Movalogue is coming closer. Although some regions already started to open up again after the COVID19 lock down, it's still difficult to predict how we will be able to hold our gathering. There might be different measures per country or even by region. There will be places where it is possible to meet locally in small groups and most probably other areas where online participation is still the only option available. It is a good exercise in acting from a place of not knowing.

In our next Open Movalogue Call on June 9th from 19:30-21:00 (CET) we would like to further sense into the possibilities of the current situation, connect people to work on local solutions and crystallize how next a Movalogue might look like. The focus on this call will be more on practical matters and how to bring the dream of a Movalogue gathering into reality. We would like to create a platform for those who intend to host/ participate in a local gathering or an online version (in different languages) of a next Movalogue. We are happy to share our learnings from the past and offer support in setting up a local gathering.

To become inspired how a in person gathering might look and fell please watch this atmospheric video of the documentary filmmaker Anne Wollrath:

We warmly invite everybody with an interest to be part of a self-organizing participatory community of SPT practitioners.

Further calls will take place every second Tuesday of the month on Zoom, from 19:30-21:00 h (CET) (July 14th and August 11th)

Due to security reasons we would kindly ask you to register by filling a little registration form. You will then receive the access data to join the calls.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!


Dirk, Rita, Katherina, Dheera, Sebastian, Johanna

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