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Revealing Art and Heart of Daily Life

We are celebrating our continuing journey together in Movalogue´s 2023 annual event on August 25, 26 and 27. We´ll dive into this year´s motto: Revealing the Art and Heart of Daily Life”, through the expanded awareness of embodied Presence.

Like in former years we invite you to participate in either a local gathering or join the global online sessions.

Currently several in-person gatherings are in preparation. Besides the birth place of Movalogue in Alfter, Germany we are looking forward to a first meeting in the USA and others in e.g. in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Below you'll find the ones already being ready for registration.

Social Arts: Just a Move Away/Toward Sky Lake

Hillcrest Ln, Rosendale, NY 12472, USA Beth Mount, Arawana Hayashi, and Edinson Castano

Movalogue Alfter, Germany

Alanus Werkhaus

Johannishof, 53347 Alfter

Dirk Bräuninger, Petra Borgmann Durrie

If you like to know more please visit:


Interested in contributing to the Global Online sessions?

During three days, Movalogue's flexible glocal holding space encourages practitioners to meet in global online calls and in local in person meetings. The unifying thread is a daily global online core flow session where fellow practitioners from around the world connect and practice SPT together, sharing learnings and discoveries in a fun, loving atmosphere. The flow of this online program will look like the following:

"Every movement has a beginning, middle part and an ending", Arawana Hayashi

Friday, August 25: Beginning

  • 2 hours, 3-5 pm CEST/9-11 am EST

  • coming together, sensing the field, see and be seen

  • introductory words by Arawana Hayashi (founder of SPT)

  • opening ritual

Saturday, August 26: Middle Part

  • Global Practice (2 hrs: 3-5 pm CEST/9-11am EST)

  • Open Space (2 hrs: 6-8 pm CEST/12-14 pm EST). Offering of parallel sessions based on SPT. They include online facilitation practices that may use experimental elements and prototype new ideas.

Sunday, August 27: Ending

  • 2 hours, 3-5 pm CEST/9-11 am EST

  • Creating space

  • Harvesting with social art

  • Movalogue dance

Following Movalogue's participatory approach there will be multiple ways for everyone to actively contribute to the event besides the above core flow. Before and after above Global Online program there will be space to offer facilitate sessions online (see program framework at the end). The sessions should be based on SPT practices, but might contain experimental elements as well. The Movalogue would be your playground to enhance your online facilitation practice and/or prototype new ideas.

If you like to know more about how it works join our next Open Movalogue call on Tuesday, July 18th at 10am EST/4pm CET.

We are very much looking forward to co-create 3 days of "Revealing Art and Heart of Daily Life" with you!


Movalogue Firekeepers

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